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Tim Chalice

"Chanting deepens the channel of grace..."

Chanting effortlessly stills the mind and awakens the heart, bringing a feeling of deep inner peace in the silence that it generates.

Chanting is for everyone. No prior experience of chanting is necessary to gain the many benefits it has to offer, simply an openness to what may occur. Through chanting, you meet the practice exactly where you need to. This might be finding a still point of relaxation after a hectic week at work, or the joy of singing in community, of opening our hearts, offering our prayers to the Divine, or simply being present to the moment.

"Tim is a dedicated pilgrim of prayerful chant and song. His devotional heart sound and meditative mantras, penetrate your mind, inspire participation, and awaken your heart."

Chloe Goodchild - Singer, Author "The Naked Voice'

"Tim Chalice is a chanter for the people. His heartfelt tones inspire an immediate sense of coming together and an earthy spirit. Tim is highly original in his approach and you just want to join in at once as he wholeheartedly draws you in to the chant!"

Nikki Slade, Free the Inner Voice

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Upcoming Events

9 Jun - Kirtan @ The Light House (Bristol)

16 Jun - Kirtan & Cacao @ Well Bath

13 June - Vitality Tuesday (Bristol)

17 Jun - Kirtan (Stroud)

21 Jun - 108 Sun Salutations & Chanting for Summer Solstice (Bath)

1 Jul - Stroud Sacred Music Festival

4/5/6 Aug - The Shine Seminars Summer Celebration

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