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Tim Chalice

Devotional Heart (CD)


Devotional Heart , produced by Tabla Tom, features amazing singers and musicians, including Tabla Tom, Chloe Goodchild, Tara Walsh, Veda Geib Shanley & Vicki Burke. This contemporary chant CD blends ancient Sanskrit chants with poetic, devotional English words. It has six long chants, moving from deeply meditative to chants guaranteed to get you moving and includes my favourite chants, including Shree Ram (Cover Me),   Jai Hanuman,  Shiva Carry Me Home & This Place/Hare Krishna . I'm delighted with this offering and can't wait for you to hear it!

Click here for more details, track samples and reviews.

'This is a truly beautiful piece of work. It touches the heart into an expansion and uplifts towards joy. Tim is deeply connected to love and shares this love through his creative and inspired work with song, sound and words. For hearts that are open or ready to open this offering will bring, expansion, peace, stillness...Tim's gift to the world deserves and is perhaps destined to be widely heard and received.' - Kay Baxter, Meditation & Yoga teacher

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